What Does Cortisol Do During Stress?


WHAT DOES CORTISOL DO DURING STRESS? What is Cortisol? Cortisol, also known as glucocorticoid, is produced from cholesterol in adrenal glands on top of each kidney. This steroid hormone is released in response to events and circumstances during our daily life, such as exercising and reaction to outside environment. It is known to help fuel […]

Stress Management

Stress Management

STRESS MANAGEMENT “If you’re living with high levels of stress, you’re putting your entire well-being at risk. Stress wreaks havoc on your emotional equilibrium, as well as your physical health. It narrows your ability to think clearly, function effectively, and enjoy life. It may seem like there’s nothing you can do about stress. The bills […]

Symptoms of depression is a signal to change your life!

SYMPTOMS OF DEPRESSION IS A SIGNAL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE! We are born in information age and human’s health is under a lot of pressure from factors such as ecology (pollution of environment, atmosphere, air, and food), genetics (predisposition to various diseases), hectic lifestyle, and stress. Many people experience depression that often interfere with daily work, […]

Baking Soda and Stress Relief Methods as Cancer Treatment


BAKING SODA AND STRESS RELIEF METHODS AS CANCER PREVENTION Stress is a part of life. While a little stress is nothing to worry about, consistent thoughts and negative feelings can make it hard to stay healthy. Stress has huge impact on how body functions. In fact, 70% of adults in the United States say they […]

Hair Loss as a Result of Chronic Stress


HAIR LOSS AS A RESULT OF CHRONIC STRESS If your hair is falling out then you are probably wondering why? Is it because of stress, hereditary, or some other reason? If you constantly experience stress in a relationship, worrying about your health or have concerns about money, then it is a good idea to find […]

What Happens to Skin Under Chronic Stress?

Skin problems as a result of stress

THE ROOT OF MOST SKIN PROBLEMS IS CHRONIC STRESS What is Chronic Stress? Chronic stress is a prolonged and constant feeling of stress that can negatively affect your health if it goes untreated. It can be caused by the everyday pressures of family and work or by traumatic situations. It produces both physical and psychological symptoms […]

Unproductive Core Beliefs

UNPRODUCTIVE CORE BELIEFS Deeply held unproductive assumptions about ourselves, other people, the world, and the future. Core beliefs usually develop in childhood, or during stressful or traumatic periods in adulthood. I am not lovable I am not safe I am unworthy My world is not safe I do not deserve abundance I do not have […]

Feelings of Grief

FEELINGS OF GRIEF I can’t do anything and hope someone also can help.  Abandoned Abused Accused Ashamed Betrayed Cheated Despair Disappointed Embarrassed Forgotten Guilty Heart-broken Heartache Helpless Hurt If only Ignored Inadequate It’s not fair Left out Longing Loss Misunderstood Mourning Neglected Nobody cares Nobody loves me Nostalgia Passed over Pity Poor me Regret Rejected […]

Feelings of Anger

FEELINGS OF ANGER The desire to hurt other people or break things, but with hesitation. Aggressive Annoyed Argumentative Boiling Corrupt Crushing Defiant Demanding Destructive Disgust Displeasure Evil Explosive Fierce Frustrated Furious Harsh Hatred Hostile Immoral Impatient Indignant Jealous Mad Mean Merciless Moody Outraged Pushy Rebellious Resentment Resistant Revolted Rude Sinful Stubborn Vengeful Vicious Violent Volcanic […]

Feelings of Apathy

FEELINGS OF APATHY Lack of desire or interest. Withdraw and pretend to be weak not to get hurt. Bored Can’t win Careless Cold Cut-off Dead Defeated Depressed Demoralized Despair Discouraged Doomed Drained Failure Forgetful Giving up Hardened Hopeless Humorless I can’t I don’t care I don’t count Inattentive Indecisive Indifferent Invisible It’s too late Lazy […]