Stress is a part of life. While a little stress is nothing to worry about, consistent thoughts and negative feelings can make it hard to stay healthy. Stress has huge impact on how body functions.

In fact, 70% of adults in the United States say they feel stress or anxiety daily. Stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, attachment, insecurity, lack of success, are some of the situations that interfere the balance in life, causing a cycle of stress and even illness. Sustained period of stress cause disruption in biochemical functions of the body and depletion of organs.

“Chronic stress creates something of a perfect storm where precancerous cells can grow and flourish,” says Ankur Parikh, DO, Medical Director of Precision Medicine at Cancer Treatment Centers of America® (CTCA). Cancer cells flourish in an acidic environment and these regions are significantly lower in pH than other surrounding tissue.

Baking soda, given its alkalizing pH of approximately 9.0, counteracts the acidity that accumulates in the body. It is useful to regulate by buffering the pH of cells, tissues, and voltage homeostasis within cells. It is also useful to increase oxygenation and carbon dioxide. Baking soda is known to also be used to aid the body in the detoxification process and support the body in healing from radiation exposure and oxidative damage.

You can change your lifestyle to reduce stress, which may help to improve the overall health and lower the risk of cancer. Also, you can talk with your physician about using baking soda. The safe method to combat the root problem of cancer is a stress relief program that provides meaningful health outcomes and lasting behavior change to improve health. 

Our system helps to release stress without any side effects using easy and effective natural methods such as breathing, movement, energy work and guidance. Is there too much stress in your life? Take this quiz to measure whether your stress level scale is too high.



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