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You are probably wondering why stress has so much impact on your life? I asked myself the same question many years ago. At that time, I had healthy diet, exercised every day and never smoked or took drugs. It never entered my mind that I was experiencing stress. I realize that we can only know what we have been taught and there is not much education today about how our own bodies work and what is required to stay healthy. It is only recently became known and proven by science that stress is the cause of most illness.

In fact, 75% of adults in the United States say they feel stress or anxiety daily. Stress, depression, anxiety, sadness, attachment, insecurity, lack of success we want, are some of the situations that interfere the balance in our life, causing a cycle of stress and even illness. Sustained period of stress cause disruption in biochemical functions of the body and depletion of organs. The result in deterioration of health also known as burnout.


Most people don’t consider stress a good enough reason to visit a doctor, which is why our stress relief service is the perfect choice for resolving this problem. In fact, this is a natural approach as it is always better to handle any issue without medication or any invasive medical intervention.


Immune system


With little change in your routine, ensure that your immune system is strong enough to protect you against the virus infection.

Mental wellbeing

Mental Wellbeing

Develop tools for managing the physical and emotional consequences of stress, burnout, and anxiety.​

Digestive issues

Digestive Issues

Uncover the cause of ongoing symptoms, manage chronic digestive diseases, and heal your gut.

Chronic Pain

Chronic Pain

Our effective mind-body techniques activate body’s self-healing process to let go chronic pain.   


I have spent nearly ten years working with thousands of clients to perfect the stress relief key system. Now it provides meaningful health outcomes and lasting behavior change to make your life more enjoyable! The system helps to release stress using easy and effective methods such as breathing, movement, energy work and guidance.

After you let go stress I will help to boost your energy level and with this energy manifest life you desire. Stress Relief Key is better than stress management that usually has short-lived effects. Our system helps to rebuild your health from inside out!



The MovementStress Relief is easily adaptable form of mind-body exercise to relief stress that can be practiced any place and any time, without any special equipment.

It was widely practiced for centuries by Qigong masters and yogis not just to manage stress but to improve physical health, and psychological well-being. The same practice can be used to gain control of body’s temperature and reduce pain at will.


Breathing exercises for stress management

The BreathingStress Relief for stress relief is simple and powerful technique that allows to let go any painful or unwanted feeling in the moment.

You can achieve similar stress reductions results as yogis who spent many years meditating in the mountains. In a few sessions you will be able to release suppressed energy in your body to become more aware and more successful. Recover happiness and joy that is within you.


Energy WorkStress Relief is effective energy based approach to relaxation and healing. All of my healing modalities that originate from ancient Qigong healing systems are designed to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself on all levels – physical, emotional and spiritual.

In addition to calming effects, healing modalities help to reduce the symptoms of anxiety, digestive disorders, insomnia and chronic stress.



If you are feeling overwhelmed and under major pressure, then we help to control your triggers and how you react to stress.

We identify and address the main source of stress in your life. Our intuitive energy diagnostic can provide information about your health without lab tests. 

Discover new perspectives on an issue that is causing a challenge and develop action steps to improve the quality of your life.

Founder, Alex Akselrod
Alex is a certified wellness coach, medical intuitive and expert in alternative medicine with over 10 years experience. He uses path of empowerment and healing to help clients go through major life changes, stress, and health challenges, which is a stepping stone to a better future. The big challenge is to guide his clients to changes that manifest their dream life.

Transformative care. Real relief.

95% improved symptoms of stress and anxiety
92% improved symptoms of depression
98% improved blood pressure and cholesterol levels
90% improved symptoms of Insomnia
99% strengthen the immune system


Covid-19 is causing a lot of stress and we got a lot of ways to reduce it. Tell us about you and your stress reduction goals.

Schedule a call and let’s talk about your breakthrough needs, struggles, and big dreams.


Breakthrough (optional)

New clients usually start with 1 Hr breakthrough session during which we develop a personalized plan to reduce stress and restore your natural ability to heal.

Phase 1: Relief Stress

Release stress, anxiety, and depression with an effective method such as breathing, movement or energy work. 

Phase 2: Energy Boost

Boost your energy level using a robust energy work techniques. This step is important because you will need more energy to improve your life.

Phase 3: Manifestation

Design and manifest the life you want. Your higher vibration level will allow you to experience higher realm of consciousness, and step-by-step manifest what you really need.




$ 59 30 Min Session
  • Effective methods to release stress, anxiety, and depression.


$ 399 50 Min Sessions
  • Effective methods to release stress, anxiety, and depression. Powerful techniques to boost your energy level.
  • Support in-between sessions over email or phone.
  • This package is for those who have issues to overcome such as feeling stuck, want to remove stress, anxiety, depression, or need to strengthen the immune system. It is enough time for us to work together to uncover the root of certain issues and provide you with the guidance to create lasting change.



Ready to go from stress to success? Fill the form to arrange a free initial consultation. Our programs designed to optimize health, mindset and productivity.



I promise you will enjoy the Stress Relief Key program. If you are not satisfied – just let me know within 7 days from the date of the consultation, and I will gladly refund the money you spend on the first session. I am sure in the quality of my service, so I can provide a guarantee.


Alex is a wellness coach, medical intuitive, and expert in alternative medicine with over 10 years experience.

Medical intuition is a special ability to discern and interpret patterns of energy in the body. It helps to identify areas of stuck energy and disbalance in energy field.

Some people turn to medical intuitive specialists after they have been everywhere and tried everything and yet unable to improve their health.

Looking ahead, most individuals want additional health and safety measures at home and work. Our remote services give you an option to enjoy a private stress relief session from the comfort and privacy of your home where you are at your most relaxed and comfortable.

During a stress relief session, we work with thoughts and feelings that cause you stress. First, we acknowledge those feelings. The next step is to let go any unwanted feelings and emotions. 

Also, we clear unproductive core beliefs. Usually, after a session client feel relaxed and happy.  

All you need is your cell phone or laptop, and some private space.

In most cases “Yes”. The Stress Relief Key method can work together with treatments prescribed by a doctor. If you are currently involved in any form of medical or psychological treatment then do not change your treatment plan without consulting your healthcare professional. 

No. There is no expiration on personal sessions.

My ideal clients are busy professionals who burned out working and living in a stressful environment. Those who constantly think about their business and hit the wall. Their joy is gone. They value an expert who can expose the true root cause of the problems they are facing and guide them to the right solution for them personally.

Also, I work with children (12 and above) and students who want to reduce stress level, anxiety, and better focus on their daily activities.

I work with elderly folks. For example, I helped to lower stress level to clients 70 and older who claimed that my sessions delay the effects of aging.    

Our stress relief methods are surprisingly easy and effective for releasing unwanted negative feelings such as apathy, anger, grief, fear, and lust. We use simple breathing techniques, movement, energy work, and personal guidance. During a private session, you don’t need to share details of personal nature. 

In contrast, counseling involves talking about your problems with a mental health professional.

The energy boost sessions start with light exercise, like walking in one place for a few minutes. Then you will connect to unlimited supply of Universal energy.

No. Every session is confidential and custom-tailored for a client. 

Yes. Gift certificates can be purchased for any amount you prefer.

All of the methods that we are using should give instant results. After 4 sessions most of my clients feel really good. Though, along with the stress relief sessions, it is important to make necessary lifestyle changes to lower your stress on daily basis. 

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